About This Blog

I intend to talk about technology, space (remote sensing), climate, and data. I have been writing many unfinished posts since 2018. This blog is my attempt to shape and finish those posts and publish them. I hope to learn, gain more clarity and have fun in the process.

Why Bits of Space?

The name is a bit odd. When I first thought about start writing a blog, I was going to only talk about data and space-tech. This may still hold true since that is the work I do right now. It was an attempt at being clever. Clever or not, here it is now.

About Me

I have lived in Barcelona since 2017. Almost always sunny and the Mediterranean sea never disappoints you. I have lived in San Francisco, Wisconsin, Maine, and Texas before moving to Barcelona. Originally, I am from India. From the textile town of Surat.

I am the founder of earthlab.ai. I have formerly worked in Industrial IoT, food supply chain, and heavy manufacturing in product and engineering roles.